Servomotor Repair Kit BMW X3 X5

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2pc servomotor repair kit for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover.

The brake, ABS, and 4x4 warning lights all come on at the same time. There is a clicking noise that comes from the transfer case just after the engine is turned off.

If you have both of these symptoms then the problem is very likely to be a stripped gear inside the transfer case motor. The transfer case actuator motor is a small motor that is bolted on to the transfer case and can be removed and replaced (or repaired with a new internal gear).

How to repair the BMW X3 X-Drive Transfer Case Servomotor / Servo Actuator by replacing the internal plastic drive gear rather than replacing entire Servomotor. Bentley Publishers' Do-It-Yourself repair example uses a 2007 BMW X3 with a worn Servo Motor gear.

Symptoms of Faulty Servo Motor / Actuator may include:
- BMW Fault Code 5F3a and BMW Fault Code 5463
- Illumination of Three Dashboard Lights While Driving: a) 4x4 Warning Light; b) Brake Warning Light; ABS Warning Light.
- Clicking Noise on Engine Shutdown / Clunk when Engine is Turned Off.

X3 E83
- 2.0d 2003- 2006
- 2.0i 2003-2006
- 2.5i 2003-2006
- 3.0d 2003-2006
- 3.0i 2003-2006

X3 E83 LCI
- 1.8d 2009-2010
- 2.0d 2006-2010
- 2.0i 2006-2010
- 2.5si 2006-2010
- 3.0d 2006-2010
- 3.0i 2006-2010
- 3.0sd 2006-2010
- 3.0si 2006-2010

X5 E53
- 3.0d 2003-2006
- 3.0i 2003-2006
- 4.4i 2003-2006
- 4.8is 2003-2006

X5 E70
- 3.0d 2006-2010
- 3.0sd 2007-2010
- 3.0si 2006-2010
- 3.5d 2008-2010
- 4.8i 2006-2010

X5 M 2008-2013
X5 E70 LCI
- 35dX 2009-2013

X6 E71
- 30dX 2007-2010
- 35dX 2005-2010
- 35iX 2007-2010
- 40dX

X6 M 2008-2014
X6 Hybrid 2009-2011
MERCEDES GL, ML (164 / 166)

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