Radio Removal Keys

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For VW Radio Removal please watch
For Peugeot 308 2007- Radio Removal please watch


Option A 4pc Radio Removal Keys

4pc Radio Removal Keys, stereo extraction kit. These are to release units with Horizontal Removal key slots in the front of the unit. Simply slide into the required position to allow easy removal of your radio.

Radio Removal Keys 4pc

Option B 2pc Radio Removal Keys Peugeot Citroën

Radio Removal Keys 2pc Peugeot Citro├źn

Option C 20pc Radio Removal Tool Kit

This professional kit is for use in the motor trade for installing and removing radio's. Complete set of radio removal tools for most new cars. Made from stainless steel and packed into a labelled pouch. A must for any person installing and removing radio's in most new cars.
4x radio removal keys: New VW Beetle/Audi.
2x radio removal keys: Mercedes Benz.
2x radio removal keys: VW Polo.
2x radio removal keys: New Skoda.
2x radio removal keys: New Becker.
2x radio removal keys: Pioneer.
2x Din radio removal U-Hooks: New Blaupunkt.
1x Allen hex wrench: BMW.
2x Din radio removal U-Hooks: Ford/VW/Audi.
1x special pentagon wrench: BWW.

Radio Removal Tool Kit 20pc

Option D Radio Removal Keys for Pioneer 2pc

Radio Removal Keys for Pioneer 2pc