PCV Valve VW Audi 06F129101F

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One of the most common faults on the 2.0 TFSI engine is the failure of the pressure control valve (PCV). This valve is designed to recirculate crankcase gases into the intake manifold. Within the valve is a soft diaphragm which is prone to splitting over time, this can occur on stock engines but is very common on tuned engines. This results in excessive blow by entering the inlet manifold at idle causing oil leaks in the engine bay from crankcase pressure, rough idle, fuel economy decline and boost loss. With boost pressure below where it should be you will notice significant power losses and poor throttle response.

Symptoms of the fault

Poor fuel economy, rough idle, boost loss, check engine light, sluggish performance, significant power losses, poor drivability. Oil leaking from oil cap, oil in the engine bay, PCV pipe work leaking, boost / vacuum leaks.

How to fit PCV Valve VW Audi 06F129101F

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