Coil Spring Compressor Mercedes-Benz

Price: R2,995
Supplied On Request
Professional 5pc coil spring compressor telescopic repair tools kit for Mercedes-Benz.
Supplied with two sizes of pressure plate.
Covers a vast majority of modern vehicles.
A telescopic spring compressor with universal use has a non-slip, three pronged arm feature for maximum grip. It is now possible to remove and replace the coil springs on the wishbone without dismantling the axle saving valuable time and money.
Also suitable for use on multi-link independent suspensions.
Front springs—W116, W123, W124, W126, W129, W140, W170, W201, W202, W208 and W210.
Rear springs—W124, W129, W140, W170, W201, W202, W203, W308, W210 and W220.

1. Choose a pair of suitable-sized discs.
2. Place the top disc and bottom disc into the two ends of the coil spring.
3. Insert the spindle through the two discs. Lock the bottom disk first, and then lock the top disc. The pins on the spindle and the grooves on the bottom disc are designed to lock each other securely.
4. Use a 19 mm spanner to fasten the spindle for the shock absorber services.
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