BMW G01 X3 2017-2024 Passenger Window Switch

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Passenger Left Front Side / Rear Left/Right Power Electric Window Lifter Switch Control Panel for BMW G01 G11 G12 G02 G05 G30 G31 G32 G38.


G30 5 Series 2018-: 520i, 520e iPerformance, 530i, 530e iPerformance, 540i, 545e, M550i xDrive, M5/M5 Competition, Alpina B5.
518d, 520d, 525d, 530d, 540d xDrive, M550d xDrive.


G01 X3 2017-:sDrive20i/xDrive20i, xDrive30e, sDrive30i, xDrive30i, M40i, X3 M Comp.
sDrive18d, xDrive20d, xDrive30d, M40d.


G02 X4 2018-: xDrive20i, xDrive30i, M40i, M Competition.
xDrive20d, xDrive25d, xDrive30d, M40d.


G05 X5 2018-: X5 xDrive30i, X5 sDrive40i, X5 xDrive40i, X5 xDrive45e, X5 xDrive50i, X5 M50i, X5 M Competition.
X5 xDrive25d, X5 xDrive30d, X5 xDrive40d, X5 M50d.


G32 6 Series 2017-: 630i, 640i xDrive.
620d, 630d xDrive, 640d xDrive.


G11 7 Series 2014-2018: 730i/730Li, 740i/740Li, 740e/740Le, 745e/745Le, 750i/750Li, 750i/750Li, M760Li, Alpina B7.
730d/730Ld, 740d/740Ld, 750d/750Ld.


Option A Black

BMW G01 X3 2017-2024 Passenger Window Switch 61319327031

Option B Chrome

BMW G01 X3 2017-2024 Passenger Window Switch 61319299457